Taher Digital is a top rated Google Ads agency

Get Qualified Leads, Phone Calls and Appointment By Using The Power Of Google Ads

Taher Digital is a top rated google ads agency. We have helped a lot’s of business and entrepreneurs grow their online visibility, leads, appointments and sales by using the power of google ads.

Ready To Work With A top rated Google Ads agency Who Puts ROI First, And Excuses Last?

Taher Digital. Taher Digital. Taher Digital

How much money have you wasted on various digital marketing efforts? You’ve heard about the benefits of pay-per-click/PPC advertising, but you just can’t seem to make it work for you. With a dedicated Google ads expert working alongside you, the results will soon come flooding in. we can help you get a better return from your investment, delivering more leads and appointments through Google ads.

we knows how to get decisive results for your business. we manage over $300000 in ad spend every single year. It’s what we’re good at, and my existing clients will back us up when we say we’ve delivered a seismic return on their investment.

Why spend money on pay-per-click advertising without expert guidance? Let a Google ads expert handle all of this for you, giving you more time to focus on your strengths!

Our Services

Increase your profit with The Power Of Search Engine.

Monthly Google Ads Campaign Management

With our Google Ads service, you can reach a highly targeted audience, drive traffic to your website, and generate leads and sales. Let us help you tap into the power of Google advertising to grow your business.

Search Engine Optimization

we ensure that your business consistently appears on the coveted first page of Google’s search results. Our expertise lies in elevating your search engine ranking, guaranteeing heightened visibility every time a potential customer seeks out topics related to your business.

What is our method for accomplishing your goals?

Understanding Your Goal

It all begins with getting to know your unique needs. Every business is as one-of-a-kind as you are, and sometimes, a business might not be quite ready for marketing (and we're upfront about that too if it's the case). Understanding your business inside and out is crucial. Without that deep understanding, we can't craft the perfect strategy that suits your business like a glove. In today's fast-paced world of 21st-century marketing, there are endless possibilities. Our mission is to find that special angle that not only works for your business but truly sets it apart

Planning the best strategy

Once we've established a clear understanding of your business and defined your desired brand perception among consumers, we embark on the strategy development phase. We leave no marketing channel unexplored, carefully evaluating options ranging from SEO and PPC to leveraging TikTok influencers, all with the aim of achieving the fastest path to our desired outcomes. Our approach involves crafting a comprehensive 6-month plan, as we firmly believe that this timeframe provides the ideal opportunity to rigorously test and refine our strategies for your business, ensuring that we can deliver meaningful results within that period.

Running & Testing

With our well-defined action plan in place, it's time to roll up our sleeves and put our strategies to the test. The great news is that we handle all the necessary components to ensure success, including content creation, production, running advertisements, and optimizing campaigns. We've got everything covered to make this endeavor a resounding success.

3 Simple Steps to get the best results with Google ads, to get More Leads, Appointment and phone calls

Grow with data driven google ads agency.


Book Appointment And Make Payment

First you have to book an appointment. After discussing the project you have to pay the service payment as well as you have to sign up an agreement from then will go to the next process onboarding call

Step 2

Onboarding Call

In the onboarding call, we take some information about the project. Also, we will take some access to google ads, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics 4, Website, and Others depending on your needs and project.

Step 3

Kick Start Your Project

Now, We have got all access and agreement. We will implement the project according to your needs. we will make plan for your business we run them, test them optimize them to achieve your goal. Normally we taka 3 to 6 month time period to see a meaningful result

Some Of our Past Work

Ecommerce SEO

Google Ads For Lead Generation

Google Ads Project 2

What My Clients Says

Some of my past client’s testimonials

I’m truly impressed by the work Taher made for us during such a short time. Super responsive and very professional in his communication with us. Will definitely hire again when needed!


Excellent professional. Very efficient and knowledgeable. Its’s my second project with him and he is in my favorite list. He was fast and effective. Thanks you for your great service. I will Hire you again and again.

Carlos Jimene

Taher Ali Khan handled the SEO and Google ads project professionally. He is very responsive in communicating and sent screenshots to illustrate his recommendations and comments, so I would definitely recommend him!

Noel Hall

Frequently Ask And Question

There isn’t one. I make my recommendations based on data analysis. Usually, I start with a very small budget, and narrow targeting, to test if everything works. Then, based on the results I suggest increasing the budget for ads and targeting that work.

No. I can not guarantee results. No one can. The results depend on many variables such as visitors, campaign, landing page, offer/product, competition, niche, market, and many more variables.

No. Packages cover just my work. You must cover the ad spend by yourself.


Give me Google Ads customer ID, which is shown in the top right corner, something like 999-222-1111. I would add it to my Manager account. This way I don’t have your password, and you can remove me from the account very easily.


I provide services only in English.

No, I’ll be happy to guide you through the steps of setting up your account after your order. If you want to create your account without my help, just make sure you fill in the country and billing details correctly.

Upon ordering, you will be asked to provide your Google Ads account ID (if you already have a Google Ads account) and answer several questions related to goals, budget and demographics.
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