Website Design and Development Service in Bangladesh

Beautifully Fast Sites that Convert Sales

For any business with an eye towards Digital Marketing and the need for a website that Drives Sales, you have come to the right place. At Taher Digital we do more than build beautiful websites. We build SEO Powerhouses with Intuitive UX that help your Business Get Found Online and Converts Website Visits to Leads. Leverage our Marketing IQ and Website Design and Development Expertise to Optimize your Audience Experience, Drive Conversions, and Increase Revenue to produce your Ultimate ROI.

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Website Design and Development in Bangladesh

Performance Designed Websites built to Maximize SEO, UX, and ROI

Your website will serve as the face of your business online. It will shape your audience’s perception of your company, and, in many cases, it will become one of the primary deciding factors in whether someone chooses to do business with you.

The way your website is built will also dictate SEO performance. Web Design Companies and Website Developers often overlook or even ignore functionality and search engine optimization in favor of delivering on aesthetics. It’s like buying a Ferrari at Ferrari prices but the engine is not included. Sure, it looks pretty on the outside, but without the engine, it won’t get you to your destination.

At Taher Digital, we provide industry-leading Website Design Services that you can rely on to maximize your results. To accomplish this feat, we focus on a Website Design and Development Process that fulfills three primary duties: SEO, User Experience (UX), and Conversion.

SEO Friendly

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Builds Online Visibility that Generates Leads

SEO or Search Engine Optimization embeds the necessary strategies and building techniques to optimize for Search Engines that maximize rankings and results at the highest level.

User Experience (UX)

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Postive Experiences that Engage and Convert

Building Creative and Marketing Based UX that leverages decades of website design and development experience. Helping you build beautiful websites that are intuitive, functional, and CONVERT Leads.

Return on Investment (ROI)

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Websites that Drive Conversions and Revenue

ROI, or Return On Investment to ensure your website performance constructs the best opportunities in SEO and UX that lead to greater sales and higher revenue production.

Web Design vs Web Development

What’s the Difference

The terms Web Design and Web Development have always been used interchangeably. But understand there are some major differences between the two.

Not every website designer is a developer, and not every developer can design. They are two sides of a coin that come together to make your website look great and function smoothly.

As the title suggests, web design is what you physically see on the screen. The buttons and graphics that you view on this page, for example, were all meticulously designed to make the digital content as easy to read as possible.

A designer is in charge of:

  • – Color selection
  • – Content placement
  • – Page Layout and Flow
  • – And more!

Working with Taher Digital’s team of web designers means working with artists that specialize in the medium of websites. They hold years of classic design techniques and a spirit of innovation that keeps their work fresh and engaging.

Web development is the code that runs the entire operation. Think of it as the framework of a house, forming the shape of the space and maintaining its structure. There are further distinctions between front-end and back-end development, which goes deeper into the specific types of code that the developer works in and what those particular languages do within the website framework.

What is important to understand is that web developers are going to be responsible for things like:

  • – Constructing web pages
  • – Implementing design elements
  • – Optimizing code for SEO
  • – Etc.

Some of these you will see, but much of this work will be behind the scenes. Don’t mistake invisible for optional, though; having the most beautiful website in the world will be useless if it’s not paired with optimized development. Luckily, Taher Digital does both. Beautiful websites should also be powerful beyond appearance and that is what Taher Digital Marketing offers our partners.

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Why Work with Expert Website Builders

Save Time, Money, and Performance

Working with Web Design and Development Professionals means working with people who have spent years training to be able to provide accurate and detailed guidance in regard to design and implementation (In short, they are really good at making websites stand out and run on all cylinders!)

Ultimately a Web Developer or a Web Designer is going to save you time and energy. Taher Digital Digital Marketing’s Web Design and Web Development Teams are here to create optimized, beautiful websites that impress both visitors and search engines alike. Developing a new website can be a grueling process. Our team is here to make it easier by creating a website for you that optimizes your Digital ROI and drives Conversions.

For some people, the idea of looking at code is a nightmare. A web developer will be able to help you navigate implementing your ideas for your website without overwhelming you with technical language or complicated coding implementations.

A professional web designer can help you refine your ideas into a united style. A good designer will help you navigate how elements of your designs can work together to create a cohesive narrative that your site visitors can follow.

A developer has the experience necessary to avoid making mistakes that could ultimately damage your overall conversion or profitability. Ask any developer and they will tell you that code is finicky. One wrong move, one misplaced element, and your entire site can go down, possibly costing you thousands in potential profit. You don’t want that, and neither do we. Working with a professional in web development and Website Maintenance can help prevent such a situation.

Please note that website development services and website maintenance are unique offers. If you are interested in adding website maintenance services to your web development services, you can speak to one of our specialists today!

You might not be sure exactly what it is you want your website to look like, or you have an idea but are not really sure how to bring it to life. Taher Digital Marketing’s designers can help you create cohesive messaging, and our developers can help you implement it in a way that gets you to the forefront of Google searches. Together, they can help eliminate any stress associated with building or designing your site and give you back that time and energy to focus on what matters most: your business.

Developers take the stress of learning to code off of your shoulders. They can also take on a good deal of the leg work in regard to competitive and market analysis when developing your website framework and strategies. A web developer and a designer can look over what your competition is doing on their site and break it down into actionable steps. From there, they can help you to build a site that not only serves as a landing spot for your prospects but also demonstrates to your competition that you are a brand to be respected.

As you’ve probably noticed, the world of technology moves at a break-neck pace. New technology is constantly evolving and changing, making it difficult for the casual enthusiast to keep up. A professional can devote the time and energy necessary to stay on top of the trends and is invested enough to learn how to implement them into your website for the best results possible.

What Makes Taher Digital Different

Building Impressive and Intuitive Experiences that Convert Leads and Sales

Taher Digital’s Web Design and Web Development teams are composed of Designers, Code Experts, and Web Development Specialists. Each of which is all working towards the collective goal of creating a website and experience of the highest caliber for your audience and search engines.

Throughout the Design and Development process, our Web Teams are also supported by our Marketing and SEO Teams as well. This way your website is not only built to look great and function well, but it is also built for speed, built with SEO, and built to engage and convert your audience. Not only is your website beautiful, but it is also an online marketing and selling tool that can help you drive results that produce the maximum ROI potential for your business.

We hold our teams to the highest standards in website design and development to keep our team’s skills sharp and on top of industry trends. In technology and web design, industry trends and development techniques run on the time frame of moments and hours, but our team moves even faster to learn, master, and implement the best practices to optimize your website’s ROI. This ingenuity, grit, and passionate nature for excellence are part of what makes Taher Digital Marketing’s web design and development teams the best in the industry.

Your website needs to move with purpose. This means that whenever someone comes into your website it loads with lightning quickness and gets your audience moving throughout each page with fluidity and a frictionless experience. To put this in perspective, if your page takes more than 3 seconds to load, you will have lost nearly 40% of your audience who have left because of the delay in your page loading.

Your website not only needs to be fast, but it also needs to be easy to navigate and provide an intuitive user experience. This is another consideration that we take seriously. When building your website we need to make sure your pages are informative, but not overwhelming. Your pages must promote ease of use and help your audience find what they are looking for with the minimalist of effort necessary to get to what they want. And your pages need to both motivate and inspire your audience to take action so that they do what they were brought there to do in the first place, and that is to convert into leads.

Your website must also be Built for SEO. This means not only is it fast and promotes a great UX, but it must also be structurally geared for content and keyword embedding that helps Google understand what you do, how you do it, and where you provide your services. By taking this extra step, we create a website that is already prepped and ready for the SEO or Local SEO necessary to elevate your website’s visibility online. Making it easy for new and targeted customers to find it when they need your products or services.

All too often we find websites that are built to do the opposite of converting leads, and that is a major problem. If you are making an investment in having a website built correctly, it is not a cheap investment. That is why it is important to do the homework necessary to properly plan how your pages are designed. Along with what types of Call to Action (CTA) or Unique Selling Propositions (USP) you will feature, as well as strategically placing Conversion Features on the page to get your audience to Call, Submit a Contact Form, or Buy a Product from your website.

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